Supporting Charities in Your Community

This resource connects you to the outstanding charitable organizations who serve our community, showcasing the many opportunities to make a meaningful contribution. We hope you will be inspired by their work, and responsive to their needs.

Local charities are listed by cause:

Health and Wellness
Community Services
Recreation, Arts & Culture
Other Trusts and Foundations
Northumberland County

Communities, like orchards, must be nurtured. We have to plant seeds and wait for results. We have to prune and shape. And we naturally want to share with others the fruits of our labours. We want to help family and friends, but often we also want to give part of what we have for the benefit of people we have never met, and those less fortunate than ourselves.
(Community Foundations of Canada: Professional Advisors Resource Guide, 2004: pg1)

Each charity listed accepts donations through planned giving (sometimes called charitable gift planning). Since planned giving opportunities differ slightly in regards to charities and foundations, and because tax laws change frequently, it is recommended that those considering donations through planned giving consult a professional advisor. This resource was created for several reasons. Along with promoting philanthropy at a local level, we also want to encourage community members to seek professional advice in regards to estate and tax planning. Charitable giving can generate significant tax benefits in both annual and estate tax situations - and many people are not aware of these opportunities.

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