Give Where you Live!

Trent Hills is blessed with enviable surroundings, offering an abundance of natural resources, picturesque, rural landscapes and an important farming and agricultural sector.

Our local conservation areas provide venues for residents and visitors for healthy activities such as hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing, picnicking, and swimming.  Whether you stroll or are more active, there are great opportunities to get out explore these natural places.

We invite you to discover and connect with organizations who understand environmental issues and address community priorities in protecting, enhancing and managing our local environment.

Lower Trent Conservation

We were formed to protect, restore and manage water and other natural resources within the Trent River valley. This includes Flood Protection, Watershed Management, Watership Stewardship and Conservation lands. In Trent Hills we manage the Seymour Conservation Area and the Warkworth Conservation Area. Read More>>

Crowe Valley Conservation

We operate 13 dams along the Crowe River and its tributaries, and  maintain a stream flow forecasting center to help reduce the risk of flooding. We manage over 2000 sq/km of territory, which includes 4 main conservation areas. If you love the outdoors you can enjoy many outdoor activities at one of our beautiful and pristine Conservation Areas. The Crowe Bridge Conservation Area is one of these, and is now operated by the Municipality of Trent Hills. Read more>>

Crowe Valley Foundation

We accept donations of lands, funds and assistance from individuals and groups wishing to contribute to the well being of the Crowe River Watershed and its environment. Read More>>