Warkworth Arena and Community Centre

Better Recreation and Leisure Facilities

Recognizing changing demographics, future needs, and after years of discussion regarding a new multipurpose recreational facility, the Municipality of Trent Hills is now planning to construct a Community Recreation and Wellness Centre. A Field House was built in Hastings and accessibility issues and larger changerooms will be addressed for the Warkworth Arena.

Multipurpose community centres offering a variety of recreational services and programs have been an important facet of large urban communities for decades. These centres provide the facilities that people need to fully participate in healthy social activities, recognizing that high quality sports and recreational facilities help to enhance our everyday lives and contribute to personal growth.

The Community Benefits

  • Healthier societies help to alleviate the strain on our healthcare and social service systems.
  • Cultural and recreational activities lead to fitter individuals, better-adjusted families and healthier communities.
  • Recreational facilities and parks are significant economic generators in communities
  • Modern and relevant recreational and cultural amenities encourage families and individuals to move into the community.
  • Generate construction jobs for the short-term and provide long-term employment opportunities.

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Hastings Field House - OPENED AUGUST 2015

Hastings Field House

  • Heated field house for indoor sports
  • Indoor driving range, walking track, hard surface sport court
  • Additional outdoor soccer field
  • Improved parking
  • Fowlds Millennium Park location

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Campbellford Recreation & Wellness Centre - UPDATED PLAN IN 2019

Campellford Recreation and Wellness Centre

  • Arena
  • Aquatic centre
  • Multi-purpose rooms with kitchen
  • Accessible location for all communities in Trent Hills in the Campbellford Business Park just off County Road 30

Warkworth Arena & Community Centre

Warkworth Arena and Community Centre

  • Improvements such as an accessible community room and larger dressing rooms.