Campbellford Recreation and Wellness Centre

The Projects

A healthy community is one that embraces the concept of wellness for all residents. A healthy community offers its residents opportunities for recreation, quality health care and continued community development. Each entity brings its special area of expertise to bear on the issue of continued health and well-being for all residents.

Better Recreation and Leisure Facilities

Few statistics are required to tell us that exercise is good for body, mind and soul! We feel exhilarated after a good run, a hike, a jog, a spin on the bike or a few laps in the pool. While each one of us has a preferred activity to achieve good health and to feel fit, recreation in general plays a prominent role in building and maintaining an individual’s mental and physical health and overall well-being.

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Quality Diagnostic and Health Care Close to Home

Quality health careCMH provides the best possible health care services close to home and to continue to do this they must upgrade or acquire new essential medical equipment for their cancer care/diagnostic services, diagnostic services, and patient care areas.

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Sustainable Community Development - Smart & Caring Community Funds

The Community Foundation wants to give each community in Trent Hills the same flexibility as Campbellford/Seymour to respond to community needs through access to their own granting program. Responding to the former Governer General of Canada, David Johnston's call, to have every community in Canada being served by a community foundation by 2017, the Community Foundation created two "Smart & Caring" Community Funds, one for Hastings and one for Warkworth/Percy.

These Funds will provide opportunities for donors to give gifts or bequest to their hometown, and by investing in their hometown help friends and neighbours for generations to come.

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