Trent Hills

Municipality of Trent Hills

It is essential for progressive communities to develop, provide and maintain adequate recreational resources and facilities. But as our community changes and grows, so do the demands for a wider variety of recreational facilities and services that appeal to everyone in the community.

In 2002/2003 Council commissioned the development of a Recreation Master Plan. The Recreation Master Plan and Needs Analysis for Trent Hills provided a blueprint for the delivery of recreation facilities, programs and services for the next seven years. Included in the Key Findings was a recommendation to undertake structural assessments of all three arenas and outdoor pool. Another key recommendation was to investigate opportunities to develop a partnership for the creation of a recreation and wellness centre.

In 2007 the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation commissioned and funded a study to determine the need for and feasibility of a multi-use community facility. A key guiding principle for the proposed centre was to help ensure that each of the communities of Trent Hills shares in available culture, recreation and wellness facilities and programming, and supports the concept of 'communities within a community'.

Recognizing these changing demographics, future needs, and after 11 years of discussion regarding a new multipurpose recreational facility, the Municipality of Trent Hills made plans to construct three Community Recreation and Wellness Campuses, the first one, the Hastings Field House, opened in August 2015.

Consultation with the community