Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation

Campbellford Seymour Community Foundation

As a community foundation, we pool the charitable gifts we receive into a permanent, income-earning endowment, which is then held in trust for the benefit of the community. While the capital is not touched, grants are made from the earnings of these funds to seed, nurture and support community initiatives. In order to sustain this work for our community, we need to ensure that there is a continuing pool of funds to provide grants for beneficial projects.

To support sustainable community development, the Community Foundation would like to raise $2 million, which will be used to help fund future projects throughout the Trent Hills area. We have responded to Community Foundations of Canada’s call to action that every community be served by a community foundation. The Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation has set up two Smart & Caring Community Funds, one for our Hastings Community and one for our Warkworth Community, and surrounding Percy Township. As part of Flourish - the Trent Hills Wellness Campaign, donors now have an opportunity to give gifts and bequests to one or both of these Smart & Caring Funds.

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A community foundation is not just about raising money for the community; it is about investing in the community and being committed to raising community spirit and awareness. Your Community Foundation is always asking the big questions: What does our community need? How can we make this community stronger, more vibrant, more caring and more prosperous? Now, we are asking another question: Will you help us to sustain continued community development for the wonderful communities in our municipality?

Because the financial successes of our collective communities is also part of our "WELLNESS"

Campbellford - Community Fund

  • Additional funds to enhance the existing grant program in Campbellford/Seymour


  • Smart and Caring Community Fund
  • Funds to be used for future grants in Warkworth/Percy


  • Smart and Caring Community Fund
  • Funds to be used for future grants in Hastings