RBC Future Launch Community Challenge

Today’s problems need more than yesterday’s solutions. We need bold new thinking to help meet the challenges of the future. The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge was a call to action for youth, and an opportunity to bring young leaders to the decision-making table as we build strong and vibrant communities for the future.

We are pleased to be able to showcase the stories of our successful applicants - young people who are stepping up for their communities and the environment. We were impressed by the creativity, passion and dedication shown in the applications submitted. 

The following inspiring projects received grants: 

CDHS Environmental Club


Campbellford District High School Student Council in partnership with the Northumberland and Newcastle Board of Education Charitable Trust 
$1,400 for their Gym Bag Care Package project

The student council of Campbellford District High School plan to put together gym bag care packages to give to identified students in need in our community, as part of the school’s Poverty Intervention Plan. The gym bag care packages will consist of CDHS spirit-wear sweatshirt and t-shirt. This will allow these students to feel included in the spirit of the school. The care packages will also include personal hygiene and toiletry products, socks, and some school supplies. Student Council believes that by reaching out to people in need in our community, the act of kindness will set off a change reaction - causing the lives touched by this to want to pass on kindness all throughout the community.

CDHS Student Council

Campbellford District High School Environmental Club in partnership with the Northumberland and Newcastle Board of Education Charitable Trust
$3,000 for their “Keeping Up and Cleaning Up with the County” project

The youth members of the Environmental Club got the idea from the recent delivery of the new and improved recycling system that has been put into action in Northumberland County. They want to incorporate and model the same system within their school as a way of showing its importance. They got in touch with the School Board to confirm their practices, and consulted with the custodians and their suppliers, to ensure that they use a product that is appropriate and acceptable for all users. They will work with the custodial staff on putting them in the best locations for use and then maintain and manage the recycling program in its new form. Education is a big part of their plan. It isn't enough to just purchase a new product and hope that everything else falls in line. Educating youth to the needs and concerns that we all face will help them see how they can make changes in their lives and in their decision making to promote a more positive outcome for their future and the earth's.

Northumberland Sports Council

Northumberland Sports Council in partnership with the Municipality of Trent Hills
for their Learn to P.L.A.Y. (Physical Literacy and You) project

The findings from the most recent Northumberland Early Development Indicator (EDI) tells us that the greatest vulnerability risk in our children is physical development and wellbeing. Specifically, Northumberland has 10% more vulnerable youth in the Physical Health and Wellbeing at Risk Category compared to Ontario’s average. Learn to P.L.A.Y is an evidence-based physical activity program with the main goal of inspiring the children of Trent Hills to move more and sit less! Physical Literacy is defined as the physical competence, confidence and motivation to participate in a range of physical activities in multiple environments throughout life. The program will be offered in the Hastings Field House and will highlight different FUNdamental Movement Skills (ex: hop, throw, run, balance) paired with unique sports (ex: bubble soccer, pickleball, goalball) each week. Participants can explore all the unique ways their bodies can move and will increase the number of movement skills they can perform, ultimately increasing their confidence to be active on their own.

The RBC Future Launch Community Challenge is supported by the the RBC Foundation and the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation.