Impact Stories

The revitalization of Kennedy Park Project

“I wanted to help the community and teach my kids to learn to help others …” - The Hislop Family

The Revitalization of Kennedy Park project illustrates how partnering and collaboration can embrace and enhance an entire community. The Community  Foundation not only partnered with the  Campbellford/ Seymour community, but we also reached out to the communities of Hastings and Warkworth for the Playground Projects, truly making this a Trent Hills Collaboration! Read more>>

Sustaining a Cultural Hub: Aron Theatre Cooperative Inc.

The Aron Theatre Co-op, a not-for-profit co-operative, needed to sell $120,000 in Aron Co-op bonds in order to purchase the Aron Theatre, a well-known historic landmark in downtown Campbellford. On February 9, 2011, the Community Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to purchase $50,000 in bonds, bringing the total sold to $95,000. This in turn inspired the purchase of more bonds by community members. Within only two weeks of the public announcement of the Community Foundation investment, an additional $6,500 in bonds had been purchased by local families.

The Aron Theatre also needed to purchase and install a digital projector, as first release Hollywood movies were no longer going to be available in the old acetate film format. Also, with a new digital projector, the Theatre could show satellite-streamed sports events, symphonies, live theatre and other events to create new and important revenue streams. The Community Foundation provided a grant for 50% of the funding almost $37,000 towards the digital projector. The Ontario Trillium Foundation was approached and the Aron Theatre Co-operative Inc. received a grant for the other 50% to make the $74,000 digital projector purchase.

Since then, the Community Foundation has provided grants for other Aron Theatre projects - the restoration of the marquee with LED lights, sound insulation, upgrades to the washrooms, as well as a youth marketing position and a Movies for Schools curriculum.

By investing in the Aron Theatre Co-op, we know that we will be able to retain this important community asset and keep alive the long-term vision of making the Aron Theatre a sustainable arts and cultural hub.

Building On Our Natural Legacy: Crowe Bridge Conservation Area

Crowe Bridge conservation areaIn 2008, the Campbellford Seymour Foundation granted $15,000 for a consultants’ study and a five-year strategic plan.

In 2010, we granted $5,000 for trail enhancements to the Crowe Bridge Conservation Area. Along with the 10-year lease signed by the Municipality of Trent Hills in 2010, it provided the community with another plank in building Crowe Bridge as a significant feature of local recreation, tourism and natural history.