COVID-19 Community Response Grants

The COVID-19 Community Response Grant is funded by the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation, in the amount of $25,000.00 from the Community Fund, and by the Municipality of Trent Hills, in the amount of $25,000.00 from the Municipal Fund.  This partnership will provide $50,000.00 in grant funding to registered charities and not-for-profit organizations. Grant requests can be between $500.00 and $5,000.00.

Grants will be made through a simple application process, based on need and available funding, and will be available within days of applying.

Eligibility Guidelines:

Who Can Apply for this Grant?

Registered charitable organizations and not-for-profit organizations partnering with registered charities, and serving Trent Hills, can apply for a grant.

Organizations that have not applied to CSCF for funding in the past - please call Martha Murphy at 705-653-6766 (mobile) to discuss your eligibility.

What if my organization/committee is not a registered charity but are serving community members that are being urgently affected by COVID-19 – can we apply for a grant?

Yes, but you will need to partner with a local registered charity who will act as your Sponsor.  Please contact Martha Murphy for more information at or 705-653-6766 (mobile).

What can my organization apply for?

The Fund is dedicated towards providing grants to organizations facing unexpected and dynamic challenges. Key priorities are programs or projects that support front line workers of community-based organizations that are directly supporting local residents and families who are most affected by emerging health, economic, and social impacts. Also, organization that are keeping Community residents fed, sheltered and connected, especially vulnerable residents. 

What will NOT be considered for funding?

The COVID-19 Community Response Grants will not fund the following:

  • Allocations of funds directly to individuals
  • Duplicating existing funding from other sources
  • Program operating reserves
  • Dollar-for-Dollar replacement of government dollars
  • Large capital costs and projects
  • Direct religious activities of religious groups and organizations

How to Apply:

My organization has applied for funding. What are the next steps?

A review panel will convene to make funding decisions on the grant applications received. You can expect to hear back within one week about whether your grant application has received approval.