Paddle the Trent Event

Cloudy Skies yet Happy Faces!

We had a very memorable paddle event! The weather was spectacular to begin, however a thunder shower halfway through the paddle forced us to go ashore for safety. We were all generously hosted by a very kind resident who gave us shelter in his cottage and also gave staff a lift to our vehicles so that we could collect all the participants and take them back to their cars. Everyone seemed in good spirits and understanding of the fact that sometimes paddles are disrupted by bad weather. Over all I think the participants very much enjoyed the river adventure.

While on the water we made 3 planned stops along the river to talk about indigenous history, European settlement history, the Trent Severn Waterway, and wetlands. A light lunch was served while surrounded by a beautiful marsh wetland. 

In total, we were able to accommodate 29 participants (3 more than the original estimated 26). Each participant received a bandanna souvenir as well as snacks and water.

This was our first event of this size on the Trent River and the first time we partnered with an outfitter (Cruising Canoes), and we hope to continue with this experience next year. Based on the feedback we received already, we recognize that it is a very worthwhile way to connect our watershed community residents with our river and watershed.

Thank you again for your kind support of this unique project - Ewa Bednarczuk, Lower Trent Conservation