Mosaic Tile Bench

For Two weeks in the month of July the children of Trent Hills and beyond rolled up their sleeves to make a work of art that would provide a beautiful place for this close-knit community to scooch a little closer, on a mosaic tile bench.

Getting messy to create beauty, ArtWorth campers took the fun of being at art camp to a whole new level, as they explored the process of planning, making, and creating gorgeous clay tiles from scratch. Led by the creative vision and expertise of ceramic artist, Monica Johnson, they created individual mosaic art to practice the technique, then started to brain storm for the final project!

As they thought about how to represent "their Canada" in celebration of Canada's 150, they kept coming back to the feeling of home, community, and inclusion. They wanted to represent the things about Trent Hills that make it feel like home, things like our rolling hills, Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge, and beautiful farm fields. The campers also included some of their favorite Trent hills pastimes such as, hockey, soccer, art, and fishing. In recognition of local artist Brent Townsend the bench also highlights a real toonie.

The end result… a gorgeous bench was placed at the Westben Arts Festival Theatre, where community comes together to experience the arts!

Pictured: Brian Finley & Donna Bennett (Westben), Trish York (Artworth), Martha Murphy & Garry Holmes (CSCF) and Paulus Tijang & Monica Johnston (Frantic Farms).