Apply for a grant

Organizations are invited to apply for a grant provided they are in good standing with regards to the Grant Terms & Conditions for their previous grants from the Community Foundation.

New Applicants, or organizations with a new project, should call our office at 705-653-2005 to discuss their idea to ensure it meets our granting criteria, before starting the application process. Please review "Our Grant Program" page on this website for more information, as well as the Grant Terms & Conditions, so that you understand your obiligations and our accountability expectations.

Annual Grant Application Deadline - January 15th

Grant funding for all projects is capped at $5,000.00 per project, due to our commitment to the Municipality of Trent Hills for the proposed Recreation and Wellness Centre in Campbellford, part of the recreation re-development initiative of Flourish ~ The Trent Hills Wellness Campaign.

Grant opportunities:

Community Impact Grant (Maximum of $5,000)

For projects that focus on building community capacity and that fit our granting criteria.

Community Impact Grant Application Form - Blank fillable grant application form

Job Opportunity for Youth Grant (Maximum of $5,000)

For organizations who wish to hire a student who resides in Trent Hills for a summer position.

Job Opportunities for Youth Grant Criteria - Information on the Job Opportunities for Youth in the Charitable and Not-for-profit Sector intitative

Job Opportunity for Youth Grant Application - Blank fillable grant application form

Mini Grants

For small projects, and to promote our established endowment funds.

Arts & Culture Mini Grant - A total of $500 in grant funding is available

Environmental Mini Grant - A total of $500 in grant funding is available

Children & Youth in Recreation Mini Grant - A total of $5,000 in grant funding is available

Mini Grant Application Form - Blank fillable grant application form

Community Kindness Grants

For Campbellford schools to teach students about philanthropy by implementing a kindness project that connects them to the community.

Community Kindness Grant Application Form - Fillable

Community Kindness Grant Application Form - Manual

Community Kindness Grant Project Report Form

Grant Program Documents

Grant Terms and Conditions - Outlines the terms and conditions of the grant. Grantees will be required to sign a Letter of Agreement stating that they understand and will comply with the Grant Terms and Conditions.

Recognition Policy - Schedule B of the Grant Terms and Conditions which outlines how grantees are required to recognize the CSCF

Project Reporting:

Impact and Accountability Report Guidelines

Impact and Accountability Report - fillable final project report for all grants

Privacy Practices

During the course of our various projects, programs and activities, the Foundation may gather and use personal information.  Anyone from whom we collect such information should expect that it will be carefully protected. The Foundation's privacy practices are designed to achieve this.