Flourish - The Trent Hills Wellness Campaign

Flourish Campaign

What is meant by wellness? Physical health? A state of  mind? A sense of well-being? Wellness means all three. It means positive physical, mental and emotional health, exemplified by quality of life and, yes, that sense of well-being. It encompasses the entire spectrum of daily life and extends to each of us options and opportunities to be all that we can be and to enjoy life to its fullest. It is both a way of life and an outlook on life.

We can strive for increased wellness in all aspects of our lives, from exercise, good nutrition and leisure, to just making time for ourselves and for our families. Health, well-being and quality of life promote a positive mental outlook that readily engages others. A healthy community is one that embraces the concept of wellness for all residents. Read More >>

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Campaign Partners

Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation

Campbellford Memorial Hospital

Municipality of Trent Hills