Our Grant Program

Our grant program focuses on building community capacity.

Community capacity building can be defined in a number of ways:

  1. Projects that nurture and build on a community’s strengths and assets, such as skills and resources.
  2. Projects that respond creatively and effectively to local problems or challenges.
  3. Projects that develop leadership, promote self-reliance, mobilize civic participation and resources, or emphasize prevention.

Grant Opportunities

Community Impact Grants - Our primary grant program available to local Registered Charities for projects that seed, nurture and support community initiatives.
HATCH Grants - The Helping Assure Tomorrow's Charitable Hearts (HATCH) Grants Program is used to develop projects chosen by local students to benefit their school community.
Job Opportunity for Youth Grants - The Job Opportunity for Youth initiative provides charitable and not‐for‐profit organizations with grant funding to provide summer employment for youth in our community.
Community Fund for Canada's 150th - Congratulations to the seven successful organizations who are receiving grant funding for Canada 150 Projects! See them all>>

Note: Organizations cannot apply for a grant unless they are in good standing with their previous years grants. Final project reports should be complete and submitted in a timely manner. 

Eligibility Guidelines 

In order to be eligible to apply for a grant, an organization must:

  • Be registered as a charity or be a qualified donee with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or
  • Be sponsored by a registered Canadian charity, in which case the mandate of their charitable activities must be compatible and verifiable.
  • Ensure grant projects benefit residents of the Campbellford/Seymour Ward in the Municipality of Trent Hills. Grants are geographically bound to the benefit of Campbellford/Seymour residents.
  • Make services available without discrimination.
  • Demonstrate fiscal and management responsibility

Granting Criteria

When considering applications for funding, our grant review committee considers projects that: 

Address challenges and opportunities
Promote networking and sharing
Impact people in a significant way or means
Build effective community partnerships
Improve organizational effectiveness
Plan for continuation of the project beyond initial funding
Realize a significant and sustainable result with a moderate amount of funding
• Are innovative

PLEASE NOTE:  The CSCF does not fund:

• Core operating costs 
• Capital building campaigns 
• Deficit reduction
• General fundraising activities
• Religious or political activities
• Sponsorship
• Endowment campaigns
• Expenses incurred prior to CSCF awarding the Grant
• Individuals, sabbatical leaves or student exchanges