Impact Stories

The revitalization of Kennedy Park Project

“I wanted to help the community and teach my kids to learn to help others …” - The Hislop Family

The Revitalization of Kennedy Park project illustrates how partnering and collaboration can embrace and enhance an entire community. The Community  Foundation not only partnered with the  Campbellford/ Seymour community, but we also reached out to the communities of Hastings and Warkworth for the Playground Projects, truly making this a Trent Hills Collaboration! Read more>>

Technology Grants in the Community

The Community Foundation grant request theme for 2012 was very much technology focused, from electronic schools signs to assist with communication, computers for preschool, notebooks for elementary school programs to iPads for special needs students.

The Aron Theatre also needed to purchase and install a digital projector, as first release Hollywood movies were no longer going to be available in the old acetate film format. Also, with a new digital projector, the Theatre could show satellite-streamed sports events, symphonies, live theatre and other events to create new and important revenue streams. The Community Foundation provided a grant for 50% of the funding almost $37,000 towards the digital projector. The Ontario Trillium Foundation was approached and the Aron Theatre Co-operative Inc. received a grant for the other 50% to make the $74,000 digital projector purchase.

Sustaining a Cultural Hub

The Aron Theatre Co-op, a not-for-profit co-operative, needed to sell $120,000 in Aron Co-op bonds in order to purchase the Aron Theatre, a well-known historic landmark in downtown Campbellford. On February 9, 2011, the Community Foundation Board of Directors made the decision to purchase $50,000 in bonds, bringing the total sold to $95,000. This in turn inspired the purchase of more bonds by community members. Within only two weeks of the public announcement of the Community Foundation investment, an additional $6,500 in bonds had been purchased by local families.  

By investing in the Aron Theatre Co-op, we know that we will be able to retain this important community asset and keep alive the long-term vision of making the Aron Theatre a sustainable arts and cultural hub.

Building On Our Natural Legacy: Crowe Bridge Conservation Area

Crowe Bridge conservation areaIn 2008, the Campbellford Seymour Foundation granted $15,000 for the consultants’ study and the five-year strategic plan. In 2010, we granted $5,000 for trail enhancements to the Crowe Bridge Conservation Area. At last, our trails project is coming to a very exciting conclusion. Along with the recently signed 10 year lease to Trent Hills, it provides us with another plank in building Crowe Bridge as a significant feature of local recreation, tourism and natural history.