Recreation, Arts & Culture

Give Where you Live!

Recreation facilities and Arts & Culture organizations are community builders, bringing people together for activities, programs and events, and are a focal point for community expression.

We invite you to discover and connect with the people and organizations who understand local recreation and arts & culture programming and are transforming our communities for the better.

Campbellford & District Curling & Racquet Club

We provide a clean, user friendly and safe facility that will contribute to the physical fitness, recreational and other community needs of the residents of Cambellford and surrounding area. Read more>>

Campbellford-Seymour Heritage Society

Our mission is to continue the study, preservation and communication of the heritage and history of Campbellford/Seymour, its environs and its people. Read more>>

The Canadian Flying Machine Museum

We started purchasing, collecting, restoring and flying vintage warbird aircraft in 1990. We have facilities in both Campbellford and at the Peterborough Airport, which is our base for flying. We have both flying and static aircraft ranging from WWI to the current F5A jets still used today by our airforce. Read more>>

The Friends of Ferris Park

We educate the public about the unique qualities of Ferris Park including the natural, geological, biological, cultural, historical, educational, and recreational features which should be preserved and protected for the use and enjoyment of this and future generations of the residents of Ontario. Read more>>

Westben Arts Festival Theatre

We remain committed to presenting world-class live music, community-based musical events and forums for music education for all levels and generations of learners. Read more>>