Create a Smart and Caring Community Fund

A geographic-based community fund is a great opportunity for citizens to give back to their local community. Led by community members, donations of all sizes are pooled together into a community named Smart & Caring Community Fund that will support charitable causes in its area for generations.

The following materials are provided as a guide for conversation and to determine the potoential strength of creating a Smart & Caring Community Fund for your community.

What is a Community Foundation - Infographic

Community Foundation and Community Fund - What is the difference between a Foundation and a Fund?

Discussion and Decision Points - When considering a Community Fund

Community Fund Decision Points - Fact Sheet

Smart & Caring Communities Brochure

Engaging Hearts and Minds - Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation brochure


InvGovernor Generalesting in Smart & Caring Communities

Smart & Caring Communities is a landmark effort that is bringing Canada’s community foundation movement together in response to the former Governor General’s call for all Canadians to build a ‘smart and caring nation’.

Collectively we are working to ensure that every community has access to a community foundation, and that communities across the country have access to dedicated resources through Smart & Caring Community Funds established specifically to respond to local priorities.

We are delighted to invite you to invest in our community’s future through our Smart & Caring Communities campaign. Our priorities are driven by the primary challenge of supporting local initiatives in sustainable and inclusive ways, to ensure community health and vitality, for generations to come.

We invite you to invest in our dream and, in so doing, bring together a nation of Smart & Caring Communities.